When I think of Swiss clone watches I think of the Swiss Alps. Just as there are Swiss clone watches, there are places nowhere near a mountain that attempt to recreate the effect for skiers. In places where land is flat, the few hills are set up with ski lifts. It’s not a mountain and it’s not Aspen, but it is functional enough.

I have friends that snowboard and friends that ski. I think they both sound fun, though I might rather try snowboarding. Winter sports like these sound thrilling and to be honest the ski lift itself is a lot of excitement to me. You’re up so high with your legs just dangling. I’m getting chills just thinking about it.

In 2014 the Winter Olympics will take place. I’m usually holed up at home with a warm drink, unlike during the Summer Olympics when I’m out and about. There will be commercials for watches, but likely none for Swiss clone watches.

I wonder who the big competitors will be this year. Though all the athletes are skilled, the media seems to focus on two or three of them. Usually they follow the ones with some kind of interesting backstory.

My favorite parts of the Winter Olympics are the Opening Ceremonies and the figure skating. Figure skating certainly always has a lot of drama behind the scenes. It’s the only sport I can think of where someone hired someone to attack someone else. I hope that doesn’t happen again.

I used to ice skate and I prefer that to trying skiing or snowboarding. The risk of injury seems lesser, excluding the previous story, of course. The equipment is likely to be less expensive but I don’t get to ride a ski lift.